Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture



Enterprise goal

Set up a hundred years old shop to create a first-class enterprise

Enterprise values

To create wealth for the country, to create happiness for employees and to create harmony for the society.

Enterprise spirit

Zonta, cherishing, dedication, pragmatic and innovative

Code of conduct

Speak of loyalty, responsibility, contribution

Safety concept

The first precaution of safety

Environmental protection concept

To build a green environmental protection chemical higheasy construction

management idea

People-oriented, dedication to the society, fully excavate the potential of employees, to achieve their own value, and seek the common progress of employees, enterprises and society.

management philosophy

The basic principles of all business activities are fine, specialized and internationalized.

Talent idea

People-oriented, Chong was re only, only to create a good atmosphere, have both ability and political integrity, create talent, attract talent, respecting and caring for talents.

About us

HENGYI CHEMIACAL is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various kinds of alumina and catalyst. It is the largest professional research, production and sales enterprise in the domestic active alumina industry at present.




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